Web3.0 Decentralized Financial Aggregation Ecology

BBS is a Polkadot parallel chain based on the Substrate framework,which independently develops the Subscript smart contract language and supports multiple tool plug-ins and smart contract applications.

IPO Pre-sale

2023-01-27 00:00 (GMT-5)

Eastern Standard Time (EST)


Payable USDT


Copy To Buy
For the safety of investors' funds, the address of buying digital currency may be updated. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please confirm the correct address before buying.

Powering Next-Gen Web3

  • #BBS Concept

    With DAO community autonomy as the core, Build a Web3.0 oriented advancede cosystem.

  • #BBS Goal

    To return the value of Web3.0 to every creator.

  • #BBS Values

    Autonomy, Transparency, Teciprocity, Inclusiveness, Freedom, Equality and Reciprocity.

  • #BBS Mission

    To build a model of DAO organization system for Web3.0 and explore the application value boundary of Web3.0.

Economic Model

  • Token abbreviation


  • Total issued

    1 Billion

    Online black hole destroyed 970 million pieces

  • Online quantity

    30 Million

    Including output and IDO

  • Quantity of destruction

    1 Million

    Destruction will stop at 1 million pieces



    2%Dividends are distributed to users who add LP (USDT is directly entered into the wallet every 4 hours)



    2%Dividends are distributed to users who add LP (USDT is directly entered into the wallet every 4 hours)

  • IDO

    1.Package:120U/share, 800 BBS TOKEN

    2.Participate in IPO and get BBS, which can be traded online.

    40% will be released on the first day of online, 30% will be released in the first month of online, 30% will be released in the second month of online
  • Excitatio

    Directly push several people to get several generations of benefits:

    35% of the income of the first generation of daily chemicals Generation

    2 to 10, 5% of daily chemical income per generation

    11th to the 20th, 2% of daily chemical income per generation

    *LP from group 50:50 enjoys dynamic income

Power of the BBS Chain

  • Founding members
    include former Google

  • Core technology
    members of SAMSUNG

  • Members Of Early Encryption Venture Capital Fund
  • Silicon Valley Geek organization
  • Members Of Nation DAO3
  • Asia-Pacific Encryption Community
  • Amazon blockchain labs

Worldwide Investors

Team & Advisor

  • Henrik Hjelte

    Founder & Head of Technology

    Over 4 years in crypto, ex-architect of Router Protocol & founding member of Samsung.

  • Bill Craig

    Head of Business

    Co-creator of Trendrr, a product that tracks trends, later acquired by Google.

  • Sudeep Shenoy

    Marketing & Content

    Over 13 years of experience in marketing and content creation for corporate communications.

  • Shenoy Phalgun


    Founder of Supermeta, a micro-economics expert building autonomous applications.

  • Siddharth Menon


    Founder COO at WazirX, building the largest Crypto Exchange in India. Angel Investor.

  • Tamar


    Ecosystem Growth at Solana. Former Binance & Coinmarketcap.